Christmas 2015

Harlow Christmas Haven 2015

We’d like to thank all the companies who have helped us make sure no-one in Harlow needs to sleep rough this Christmas.

We want to start by thanking the Great Parndon Community Association. They give us, for free, the exclusive use of their Play Barn every Sunday and over Christmas and New Year. We’d be lost without them.

Another long-standing strong supporter we’d like to thank is the Co-Op at Maunds Hatch. We buy food there every Sunday, and they give us £10 off every Sunday.  Plus, they are providing milk and papers every day for the Christmas Haven.

Thanks to Cannons Brook Golf Club for providing a cooked dinner for all our guests on 23rd December.

Alley Cat Van Rental solved a big problem for us by lending us a van for free for all the time the Christmas Haven was open.

Thanks to Robbie Linsell of Paragon Fitness for bringing lots if Christmas present shoeboxes for our guests.

B3 Living gave us lots and lots of clothes and toiletries.

Thanks to Park Inn Harlow for providing Christmas Dinner for all our guests, which they’ve done for years now.

Cannons Brook Golf Club in Harlow provided a lovely cooked meal for our guests.

A team from Agreus Recruitment helped us set up the Haven on Dec 22nd.

We’d also like to thank:

  • Mastersons staff & community
  • Curtis and everyone at BancTec
  • Steve O’Connor and SYBRON
  • TG Lynes ltd – staff and managers